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Deck Tiles , are a true "turn key" rapid fit decking system.
They can be installed over any even outdoor surface to
create your own stunning outdoor entertainment areas.  
Once our
deck tiles are locked in place, they will create a
durable hard wearing deck floor. Our tiles are comfortable
to walk on, visually stunning and yet durable enough for
any climate or weather. Our products are a trouble free
deck tile system, and we guarantee you the best landed
price per square foot to your project.  Check our deck tile

 page  for the most current  pricing and

The Hardwood Decking Tile is our specialty and focus
and we truly believe not all deck tiles are the same. Our
reputation for quality is the number one reason we obtain
referrals from our customer base. Our deck tiles are
made by hand with the best equipment in an ISO certified
production facility .
-    Installation requires no screws, nails or toxic
adhesives. To install... Simply sweep the surface clean
and begin locking each tile in place.  
-    ECO ARBOR Decks tm. SECURELOK plastic
polyethylene interlocking deck tile frame system ensures
a tight lock between each tile with evenly spaced deck
boards across the surface. The polyethylene frame has
an injected UV stabilizer/fire retardant that will ensure you
can un-click the tiles years after install and click them
back in place again.  Every tile receives a full
manufacturers replacement warranty with purchase.  Buy
deck tile sample and test or compare our products to
any others in the market to find out  for yourself the quality

We welcome the review of your deck and patio plans for a
complete analysis and cost estimate for your project. We
are wood experts with a passion for design. We  provide
excellent service no matter how large or small the project.
Call our phone line at 888 335 8453
Mon-Fri 8AM - 6PM PST Sat-Sun 8AM -1PM.

If you are a
developer/architect/designer and would like
to inquire about a larger volume estimate for a product on
this site or a similar material, please visit our wholesale
here.  We specialize in  high rise multiple balcony
projects and large scale commercial projects with full
container delivery direct from our production facility.
How do decking tiles work?

Decking tiles started as a  DIY product that lock securely
into place over any even hard surface.  They were
originally designed for EPDM rubber membrane liners
found on most roof decks and balconies.  Designed not
to damage, but rather, protect your sub-surface from
exposure to weather and foot traffic wear. Our deck tiles
can be installed over support and leveling systems such
as adjustable pedestals or sleeper systems, ask us for

Deck tiles come in several specie of hardwoods all of
which are extremely resistant to splitting and water rot. All
of our lumber is KILN dried 12-14% humidity which adds
superior durability over softer woods and air dried lumber
typically found in competing products.   Our deck tiles use
quality certified hardwoods  1/2 -3/4 thickness and have
proven to last in the most harsh climates. With proper
care our decking tile systems will last a lifetime of use.

Balconies, Patios, worn out wood decks, roof top
terraces, backyard concrete surfaces even bare
Our tiles can be installed on any hard well
drained surface.
Types of Decking Tiles and where the
wood comes from?

We work with Ipe, Cumaru and several rosewood
species.  All of our lumber holds certifications from
the ABT forestry initiative (an FSC comparable)  Our
deck tiles are either plantation grown, sustain-ably
certified or are use shorts from the outdoor furniture
industry giving our product the eco specifier mark. A
highly regarded eco collaboration.  In addition we are
always experimenting with new woods and the
deck tile seen on this page is not to be missed.  
Balau is an incredibly fast growing hardwood specie
that is in abundance throughout asia.    By supporting
these programs with our products, it creates a
monetary need to protect the forests by landowners
who have the power to change the forestry  industry.
See our
sustainable page for more info about our
resent FSC certification.

Latest News- August 2013
Our structural and on grade deck tiles are now
assembled with premium marine grade stainless
steel screws.  This ensures a long lasting use of our
deck tiles that will far outlast our factory warranty.  Our
deck tiles can be used in marine environments
without fail.
How We Sell Our Decking Tiles

Our tiles are available for purchase online directly here
or by giving us a call to speak with one of our deck tile
experts.  We will promptly ship your order and make sure
it arrives to you on your schedule.   We provide a
assurance guarantee and the best service in the

We stand as the leading supplier to the residential and
commercial design sector.  We have been providing high
quality decking tiles for over 5 years in the US market
and over 15 years internationally.   We specialize in large
scale projects that require service, speed and quality.  
Pallets and containers can be delivered per project and
shipped directly to your home or job site. Give us a call
for a quote directly at
888 335 8453
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ECO ARBOR ECO Decks, deck tiles were awarded the Glee
Outdoor Product of the year award. The Glee Outdoor Award is
one of  the highest International achievements for a garden and
outdoor living product manufacturer.
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Deck tiles by Hardwood Home have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  
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Deck Tiles

Balau Deck Tiles 4 Slat starting at
$8.32 delivered
Curupay/Cumaru Deck Tile
as durable as Ipe starting at  $10.99
Eco Deck Ipe Deck Tile our award
winning deck tile  starting at $11.99
Professional Grade Structural Deck