When we see photos of poor quality deck tiles that need replacing we feel it is important to educate our customers on th epitfalls of
poor construction or materials. Below are good examples of what happens to a poorly made deck tile when exposed to the
elements in an outdoor environment. Sorry Ikea, but they just dont hold up outdoors
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ECO ARBOR Decks tm. Ipe Deck tiles
starting at $11.99 per tile DELIVERED
(quantity 100 sq ft or less)
arapa  Decking tile page starting at
$8.99 DELIVERED manufacterer
ECO ARBOR Decks tm. Curupay
Deck Tiles starting at $11.99 per
tile(quantity 100 sq ft or less)
Deck Tile product line and pricing sheet 2011-2012
please call us for pallet rates on the below materials for special pricing to all US states

Our complete line of Modular deck tiles are listed below.    Whether you choose
our premium ECO Deck interlocking line or our commercial grade structural deck
panels, we have the solution for you.   All of our deck tile products are put through
a stringent durability test of age and exposure.  The number one reason our
products are referred to others is there quality and lasting durability. Our deck tile
systems come in two forms
on grade or structural decking tiles.  We use
premium grade hardwoods cured to 12 - 14% with a density rating higher than
 We do not  use softwoods or semi hard woods such as Acacia, Shorea/
Eucalyptus. Download our
ECO Arbor ECO Deck tile pdf brochure

ECO ARBOR Decks Tm. deck tile plastic frame bases.  All of our plastic frame
bases are made from a rigid outdoor poly-ethylene which ensures an easy snap
together installation, not the BP11 pvc base found on competing products which
can shrink or become brittle over time.  Our decking tiles are a patented formula
that has proven the test of time to us and our clients.  To learn more about the
differences in our products to the market standard please scroll to the bottom of
the page. To learn in person the quality difference  order a   
sample deck tile here
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ECO ARBOR Decks tm. Masaranduba/
alau Deck Tiles starting at $6.99 per
tile DELIVERED no minimum quantity
Ipe Deck tiles page
masaranduba balau deck tiles
Curupay (Bolivian Rose) Deck Tiles
Teak Decking tile page
Modular Paving Roof or Deck
16" X 16"  Tiles are
assembled to order CALL FOR
PRICING and lead times
Certain big box brands of deck tiles sold at the moment have
experienced issues with failing bases.....NOT OUR DECK TILES!
PVC BP11 base used on low cost deck tiles by "Big brand Stores" have shown
that they shrink over time and cannot be snapped back together once aged.  
The polyethylene plastic we use on our deck tiles ensure the decking tiles will
not shrink  and the tiles will be able to be snapped apart and re-assembled
years after install. We do not cut corners in production and the result is a long
term durable deck tile. We pay more to manufacture our tiles so that your deck
tiles will triple the warranty period in life.  The quality is in the material and  If
properly used and cared for our deck tiles will last a lifetime. See some of our
testimonials at the bottom of our deck tile clients page
A note about our Eco ARBOR Decks Tm snap lock. plastic base
compared to others in the marketplace.
Our online store is secure
Ask any deck tile related question here, we may have the answer!
Deck tiles by Hardwood Home have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  

Decking Tiles

TILES (commercial grade) for use over deck joists or
pedestal supports  2x2 or 2x4 available,  we can also
do custom sizes
MoistureShield Wood Plastic Composite
Deck Tiles starting at $10.65 per sq ft.
Made with genuine US made high
quality wood fiber composites

Structural Stone and Ipe Deck Tiles

ON GRADE Stone interlocking deck tiles,
with plastic backing. Starting at $11.99
DECK TILE HALL OF SHAME,  (these are not our deck tiles but poor imitations in the marketplace)
Poor quality structural deck tiles,  sorry but
these are not acceptable to us. Large gaps
are too wide and cause discomfort on the
Deck Tiles sold by big box chain stores,  
sorry but these are not acceptable to us
either, pvc base is failing allowing the wood to
Unknown deck tiles made in China sent to us
from one very upset customer,   Wood slat
gapping is inconsistent. Tiles are coming up
on the edges creating a trip hazard  
Rubber Protection Mat for underlayment
of any of the above on grade deck tiles
ECO ARBOR ECO Deck Tiles pictured
Structural Decking Tiles can be installed over joists or pedestals.  Call us to
obtain a complete quote for any of the below products.  Pricing based on
quantity and location of project
HARDWOOD SERIES on ECO DECK tm. SNAP LOCK interlocking base.
COMPOSITE SERIES on ECO DECK tm. SNAP LOCK interlocking base
STONE SERIES on grade decking tiles ECO DECK tm. SNAP LOCK
interlocking base
Professional Grade Structural Ipe
Deck Tiles
IPE Deck TIle 2x2 front
IPE Deck TIle 2x2 back
STRUCTURAL Porcelain Deck Tiles
2 'X 2' Tiles in several simulated
stone and wood finishes.  CALL US
FOR PRICING and lead times
Professional Grade Structural
Porcelain Deck tiles
ECO ARBOR Decks tm. Painted
Garapa  Decking tile page starting
3000 sq ft left
Painted Garapa Solid Color Deck Tiles