Maintenance of Deck Tiles
Hardwood Deck tiles require little maintenance and are very easy to care for if treated and used properly.  If left alone without any
sealer these woods such as Ipe and teak will patina to a light silver color which is desirable to many (see silver Ipe photo below).  
However, if you would like to maintain the color or enhance the wood we recommend the use of a good quality oil penetrating sealer
like Armstrong Clark semi tranparent  
Over the years the deck tiles will experience light surface
scratching from  furniture, heavy pots, umbrella stands and even
dogs make scratch the surface.  The penetrating oil application
above will remove all surface scratches once applied.  If the deck
tiles are badly scratched then a simple circular sander with (120
grit) sandpaper can be applied followed by the oil application.
This process will return the deck to like new condition after 20
years+ of age!
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Important Decking Tiles maintenance facts
Our modular deck tiles have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  
Step 1 to cleaning and maintaining your deck tiles,   clean the
surface with a brush broom, or if you have tree debri in the tiles a  
vacuum (shop vac) or similar can be used very effectively to remove
particles that fall in between the tiles. The key here is to get all small
debri of the deck tiles, such as dust, or dirt or leaf debri. Then just hose
it down and let dry.
Step 2 to maintaining your deck tiles,  After the tiles are
completely dry you can seal them. Through the years and through
different products we have found the Armstrong Clark Penetrating
semi-transparent sealer to be the best and longest lasting sealer.  
The best way to apply is  NOT get on your hands and knees and oil
by hand with a rag one tile at a time (shown below),  but rather
application by spray or roller. A standard paint roller on an extension
pole with a thick nap will apply the sealer liberally on the surface and
down the sides of the wood. After application the sealer will look wet
and will slowly penetrate the lumber over a period of 3-4 hours and
return to a dry surface. Once dry you can go ahead and walk on it
again.  If there are any wet spots, you can clean them with a
rag.                        Enjoy an elegant but transparent finish that will
last 12-14 months.   We have completed 1000 sq ft deck tile areas in
under an hour.  
*** It should be noted that the mahogany tint does
tend to last longer because of blockage of UV to the wood. On an
annual basis you can expect full color even in extreme sun exposures
in the south west united states.
Before Deck Tile Treatment
After Deck Tile Treatment
Silver Ipe Deck TIles

We mentioned above, what happens if left untreated?

Well most of our deck tiles if not all will lighten to a light
silver patina color which is a very desirable look to some
considering hardwood furniture or trim will match the
look. These hardwoods do not patina to a gray or
splinter such as soft or semi hard woods, but will remain
a smooth silver surface.
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Armstrong Clark Deck Sealer
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Armstrong Clark Amber Stain being applied
over our teak tiles