Deck tiles by Hardwood Home have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  

Structural Deck Tiles

Structural deck tiles are the professional grade option for
modular roof decking.  A great way to deck and level a roof top
or patio area with severe slope.  Different to our "on grade"
deck tiles these structural decking tiles offer you the ability to
install them over traditional joists, or a raised pedestal system.
These modules are available in both 2x2 and 2x4 sizes.  We
can also build you a custom size for your project, although the
maximum span a structural tile can do without flexing is about
30 inches. We use certified high quality Ipe in constructing
these tiles and use a thicker gauge board (see photo below).
Ipe is an incredibly strong and durable material that will endure
30 - 40 years and beyond. Hey, the Atlantic city boardwalk was
built out of Ipe over 30 years ago and is used daily by
thousands of pedestrians still today.  

Eco Arbor Designs has been the standard market leader in
deck tiles for over 7 years.  These are the first real structural
decking tile available for residential or commercial use.   Eco
Arbor Tiles structural decking tiles are the only deck tile made
entirely of Ipe and not end pieces from other species of wood.  
They also have a mitered  edge on all four sides of each top
board giving them a soft feel to the feet  The cut edges also are
wax sealed.  Our
deck tiles have three strong wood runners
underneath which is secured using stainless steel screws.  
Each tile measures 2' x 2'  and covers 4 square feet.   Please
inquire for volume pricing direct from our warehouse.  Give us a
call for for an estimate or a sample.
Ipe Deck Tiles 2 x 2 structural deck tile

4 square foot 5/4 Profesional Grade Decking
Tiles (1 inch wood thickness) total thickness
1.75 inches
Ipe Deck Tiles 2 x 4 structural deck tile

8 square foot 5/4 Profesional Grade Decking
Tiles (1 inch wood thickness) total thickness
1.75 inches
We offer several pedestal support systems
depending on weight and height requirements,
including, Elmich and AWS
One of the oldest structural deck tile projects
(circa 1993) at the famous Rennes-le-Château   
in northern France.  
Structural Ipe deck tiles at Rennes-le-Château
Our Structural Deck Tiles above (side angle)
showing the 22 mm gauge of lumber (total 1.75").  
This is the "heavy duty" deck in the industry.
Competing structural panels in thinner gauge
Ipe total thickness (1.20" inches).  These just
don't even compare to ours!.
Structural Deck Tile Comparison
Ipe Structural Commercial Grade Deck tiles over
the Elmich Adjustable Pedestal supporting over
4000lb per sq ft.
Download our structural
Spec Sheet Here for both
our tiles and pedestal
Download the quick spec
sheet of the Elmich Versjack
pedestal line.
Pedestal Supports for our Hardwood and Stone Tiles
Deck Tile Underside
Deck Tile Topside
How Do our structural Deck tiles match up to the competing products?  The below  
photo speaks a thousand words.  Our deck tiles are thicker,  built better and are perfectly
square.  Meaning.. no uneven floors, no difficult installation or uneven gapping,  and a deck
tile that will stand the test of time. In fact we expect this floor to exceed a 20 year life span.
Structural Deck Tile
Installation Sheet
Roof Deck over garage in Portland, OR, using our Ipe structural deck tiles and
Elmich Pedestals
ECO DECK by Eco Arbor DesIgns: Installation at the Living Green
at Orenco station in Portland Oregon.  Builder: Holland Partners