Deck tiles by Hardwood Home have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  

Composite Deck Tiles

Composite Deck tiles using a high quality US made
composite deck boards.   These are the highest grade
composite deck tiles on the market.  Quality and durability are
the focus of these decking tiles and not just low price.  Finally,
a quality composite deck tile made with high grade composites
coupled with the Snap-To tm. interlocking base makes for an
easy installation and beautiful results.
Unlike competing composite deck tile products
using low cost foreign composites that tend to
bend or fade, our composite tiles have  a real
wood grain and are warranted by the
manufacturer to resist rot and decay. Choice
deck patented composites are a high grade
decking product that outshines the competition
both in durability and UV resistance.
Composite Deck Tiles Walnut, New jersey roof
Deck Area
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