Balconies and Decks
Our deck tiles can be installed over existing weather worn wood decks
Balconies are quickly transformed into beautiful and durable hardwood decks
Our deck tiles are perfect to create stunning roof deck entertainment areas,
increase your living space without elaborate construction plans.
Most of our deck tiles are compatible with each other and can be
used together to create a stunning design or random patterns
Modern, elegant yet organic contemporary is the best way to
sum up the look and feel of this remodeled deck tile balcony.
Our deck tiles have been used in all four corners of the
US and Canada. Our hardwoods will stand up to extreme
heat,  extreme cold, dry or humid conditions and last for
years to come, if you move take them with you.
The deck to the right (detailed
above) used our Curupay deck
tiles.  This incredibly dense
rosewood is as durable as Ipe, but
with a rich cherry color.  This
particular application is over a torch
down roofing material.
Our modular deck tiles have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  
Ipe deck tiles used on Brooklyn NY Roof deck
Architectural digest featuring
our ipe deck tiles