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These painted garapa deck tiles are one our most
durable yet cost effective options for deck tile flooring.
Utilizing garapa hardwood, we then apply a heavy
duty zinc oxide coating which will essentially protect
the tiles for many years from UV fading.  Available in
either Jarrah reddish brown or solid brown color.
They will allow you to cover your patio with a very
durable solution that will not fade or need any
maintenance for the life of the deck. The oil based
coating will provide years of beautiful color and create
a clean walkable surface over any patio or balcony.  

Tile dimensions 12" X 12"  X  1 3/8ths  thick (33mm)
(actual tile is 12" by 12" with interlocking system.)  
Wood thickness is a true 17mm!
Our Prices includes shipping to
your door for the lower 48. No
hidden costs, what you see is
the price you get,
UV Coated Painted Garapa Deck Tiles
Testimonials from our customers for our painted garapa tiles.
Hello Hardwood Home,

I purchased the painted garapa deck tiles about 3 years ago.  I must let know, that I am VERY impressed with the
quality, look and feel of the tiles for the price,  everything else I looked at at this price point did not compare in
durability.  I have a rental property and used these on the patios,  its has been three years of exposure and not one
tile has faded or had any problems.   

As you might recall, just after finding your website,  I had unexpectedly found similar tiles at our local Wholesale
Club [BJ’s].  I purchased 1 block, set of 4 tiles, for $20, not knowing how these would compare with your product.  
These are advertised as “Magic Deck” tiles, made from Itauba wood from Brazil.  The comparison is not even close
and these are the same price,  just some real world feedback for you.

The pics are attached below.
Our painted garapa Deck tile on the left.  Notice
thicker hardwood, thicker more durable base.
Our store is secure
Our modular deck tiles have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  
Brazil Brown                            Jarrah Red
Painted Garapa Brazil Brown
Deck Tile