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The Classic ECO ARBOR DECKS tm. Ipe Decking Tile
is our most popular deck tile and is made with the
highest grade Ipe lumber with proprietary interlocking
base. Call for additional discounts over 100 sq ft.  
Dimensions 12" x 12" x 1.25"
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The Double Classic ECO ARBOR DECKS tm.
Ipe Decking Tile
is 2 sq ft in size and is one
of our most popular deck tiles on the market.
Dimensions 12" x 24" x 1.25"
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Dimensions 12" x 3.5 x 1.25"
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carriage backing
. Our patented
backing is strong and will
not break or become
brittle overtime. Stiff
plastic prevents twisting
and lifting of the wood
from the base itself.  
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this price includes
delivery to your door.  No
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Ipe Deck Tiles are our very first patented interlocking deck tile.  ECO
ARBOR DECKS Tm.  Deck Tiles
 for 2012 as  "ECO DECK ".  These
deck tiles are made by hand in small quantities,  they express
quality and not large quantity of production.  Both products have
control standards of ISO production and forest sustain-ability wood
certification. Bottom line.. Quality in every tile right out of the box.  
Some of the differences between the ECO ARBOR DECKS tiles. 1)  
A thicker more durable plastic base with an injected polymer fire
retardant and a patented and proven interlocking system. This
gives a precise and elegant look to any outside space.  If you are in
the market for a good deck tile system it is important  to understand
the difference between a true premium tile and a standard deck tile.
Our poly-ethlyene locking base is more rigid and snaps together
easily with EVERY TILE.  The plastics we use do not become brittle
or break down, even with extreme weather year after year. Our
Ipe decking is a furniture grade premium select
hardwood and rich in color and grain.  The hardwood is double
sanded as well as Kiln dried for maximum durability. Each deck tile
wood slat has precision spacing on each tile. We know you will
love the eco deck tile line whichever wood you choose.
ipe deck tile image
ipe deck tiles balcony
The above comparison shows the quick differences in gauge of
lumber and grade.   These are truly the best quality when it comes
to deck tiles. Check our lumber thickness and stiff easy locking
plastic frame. Our premium Ipe tiles have been used all of the world
our customers include  the Ritz Carlton, Mercedes Benz, Pottery
Barn, some photos below!
Our modular deck tiles have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  

Ipe Deck Tiles

The ARIZONA ECO DECKS tm.Ipe Decking Tile   
Dimensions 12" x 12" x 1.25"
Deck Tiles use Grade A certified premium select
Kiln dried furniture grade hardwood.  We guarantee
you will not find a better decking tile system.
The ECO ARBOR ECO -Deck Tiles from Pottery Barn
Catalog 2010
Eco Arbor Deck Tm. Double Ipe Decking Tile
Quick Specsheet
12 x 12 Classic Ipe Decking Tile
12 x 24 Double Classic Ipe Decking Tile