Hello Hardwood Home,

I received the Masaranduba Balau Decking Tiles today.  I must let
know, that I am VERY impressed with the quality, look and feel of the

As you might recall, just after finding your website,  I had
unexpectedly found similar tiles at our local Wholesale Club [BJ’s].  I
purchased 1 block, set of 4 tiles, for $20, not knowing how these
would compare with your product.  These are advertised as “Magic
Deck” tiles, made from Itauba wood from Brazil.

I have just laid out your samples next to two of the Magic Deck tiles,
and the comparison makes your product look amazing.  I will include
pictures if this is of any interest to you.

Just as you conveyed, your product is thicker, and the poly backing
is a MUCH better quality.  The competing brand is a hard plastic with
so many barbs extending from the die cut, that it severely limits the
ability to piece these tiles together.  I am so glad that I compared
these, as I know that by spending the extra money, I am getting a far
superior product.

The pics are attached. I already installed the tiles!
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Masaranduba is an incredible dense and durable
hardwood. It is a non endangered species that grows
quickly and is abundant. In fact most Southern Pacific
countries have used this hardwood for centuries for
main support beams, water docks and piers and even
railroad ties. Some of these structures still stand today
centuries old.  This hardwood has a 15 year insect and
rot resistance rating by the US forest labs.  A beautiful
Chestnut medium to light brown color will liven your
outdoor entertainment space and create an organic
contemporary floor.

Being our lowest cost option on our premium deck tile
line, these tiles far surpass anything else in there price
range online or big chain stores. Our ECO ARBOR
Masaranduba deck tiles are perfect for any
balcony or roof deck application.  This line runs $6.99
DELIVERED!  This is the best priced tile we have
going.   The wood thickness at 3/4 thickness 17mm with
UV stabilized polyethylene interlocking grid.   
This deck
comes out of the box a rich honey color that will
darken over time with exposure.

Tile dimensions 11.5" X 11.5"  X  1 3/8ths  thick (33mm)
(actual tile is 117/8th" by 117/8th." with interlocking
system.)  Wood thickness is +3/4 inc or .79 inches.
Masaranduba Rosewood Deck Tiles
How our Balau Deck Tiles match up to the large
chain store products using lower quality hardwoods
and a flimsy flexible base.
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Price Includes Shipping to your door
Our Balau Deck tile above to the left.  Notice thicker
gauge hardwood, thicker more durable base than other
online competing products.
Close up of our the grid basepoints, flat and
wide to prevent membrane damage.
Balau Deck Tiles installed over Roof Membrane in Grenwich, CT