ECO Deck  Masaranduba
Rosewood Classic 11x11x17mm

Deck Tile Samples

We send out samples on a daily basis to our customers who wish
to see our deck tiles in person before placing an order with us.  If
you are trying to match interior floor colors or want to test a
specific stain, then we highly recommend a sample. We ship them
promptly via UPS ground and the cost sample costs cover our
material and shipping cost in one price. Give us a call to order
your sample and get on the path to outdoor living the right way!  
Take a look at our products and get to know about the high quality
standards we have for our outdoor flooring.
ECO Deck Ipe Classic 12x12x17mm
ECO Deck Ipe Double
WideClassic 12x24x17mm
ECO Deck Curupay Classic
We charge a small fee for each
deck tile sample,  this helps cover
the cost of shipping and handling.

Our sample kits use 100% recycled
box and packaging material. Please
help recycle by discarding the box
material properly.
Our store is secure
Please recycle the
shipping packaging
Our modular deck tiles have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  
Structural Deck Tile Samples
STONE Deck Stuctural Deck Tile Sample Kit
Includes all 9 colors with a cut 8" piece of an actual   Stone deck tile