Stone Deck Tiles are a lightweight natural stone product which is
bonded to a fiberglass base to add durability and structural integrity to
the stone. this base creates a hard wearing yet lightweight outdoor
flooring system that can withstand 4000 psi.  The tiles can be placed
over existing joist framing or over adjustable height pedestals of any
variety.  The stone deck tiles can be installed over rubberized roof
membranes or existing framed decks with ease. Enjoy the durability
and elegance of natural stone without compromising the waterproofing
of your membrane or adding too much weight. The tiles can be easily
lifted to access the sub surface.  Electrical or irrigation can be run
underneath the advantages are endless.  Call us for a quote for this
professional grade decking system.    1 888 335 8453
by Eco Arbor Designs

Each paver 16"x16" (1.78 sq ft per tile)
Flame-Finished  Natural Stone Deck tiles
13mm (9/16ths") stone, 1.5mm (1/16") durable
chamfered edge, total height of tile  1" 1/16ths
Proprietary Engineered Fiberglass Resin ,
Loctite® Epoxy  adhered  to the stone surface.
'Honeycomb' Design supports load-bearing after
48 'weep' holes prevent freeze/thaw stress  
400mm square [+ 2 x 3mm joint], 12mm thick
(15 3/4" square [+ 2 x 1/8" joint], 1/2" thick)
Edge Joint:
aligns and provides even 1/8" spacing in grid or
running bond pattern
Effective Size:  
403mm (15 7/8") On Center, 24mm (1") thick
(400mm (15 3/4") Base + 3mm (1/8") shared
Slate: 7 lbs./ft2 • Granite: 8 lbs./ft2 (12-13 lbs.

Water Flow Rate:
10+ gallons/minute/joint   
Skid Resistance:  
0.52 - 0.78 dry  0.47 - 0.74 wet
(μ/coefficient of friction)
Mean Load at first Yield:  
1334 lbf
Mean Maximum Load:  
1661 lbf
-40°C to +126°C (-40°F to +260°F)
We are distributors for the AWS and the
Elmich adjustable height pedestal systems
seen below ask for a quote and the most
attractive pricing you will find.  
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China Black Pavers installed over adjustable pedestal
China Gray Pavers installed over standard joist framing