All ECO Decks brand Curupay and Ipe tiles are mounted on our patented durable poly-propalyene
backing which allows for water drainage and proper air flow underneath the wood surface.  
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ECO DECK CURUPAY  tm. Deck Tiles is the second species we offer with our
patanted and rigid base.  These tiles are made by hand in small lots,  they
express quality and not large quantity of production.  Both products have control
standards of ISO production and forest sustain-ability wood certification. Bottom
line.. Quality in every tile right out of the box.  Some of the differences between
ECO ARBOR CURUPAY DECK tiles. 1)  A thicker more durable plastic base
with an injected polymer fire retardant and a patented and proven interlocking
system. This gives a precise and high end look to any floor.  Take a look at our
specification sheet you can download
here. If you are in the market for a good
deck tile system it is important  to understand the difference between a true
premium tile and a standard deck tile. Our poly-ethlyene locking base is more
rigid and snaps together easily with EVERY TILE.  The plastics we use do not
become brittle or break down, even with extreme weather year after year.  The
hardwood is double sanded as well as Kiln dried for maximum durability.
Gapping and wood spacing is even and accurate on every  tile. Many deck tile
manufacturers do not pay attention to these details. Eco Arbor Decks Curupay
Deck tiles (also known as Patagonian Rose) is an exotic durable specie for
any type of decking. Curupau is very similar in density and durability to Ipe.  The
Janka hardness rating is at 3680 which falls just below Ipe decking which is
world famous for its strength and durability.  This wood is very unique reddish
dark brown that will darken with repeated oil treatments.    
in Curupay wood is exclusive to our product line and you will not find this
species of wood elsewhere.
ECO Decks Curupay Classsic
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Price is per tile (1'x1') and
includes shipping to your door
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Tile covers 2 square feet (12" x 24") Price
per tile and includes shipping.
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Price is per linear foot and
includes shipping to your
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These tiles can be installed over any
waterproof surface, even torch down roof
ECO Decks Curupay Deck Tiles
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Price is per tile (1'x1') and includes shipping
to your door
Our modular deck tiles have been the number one in quality and durability across the nation for over 5 years and over 10 years internationally .  
Roof Deck New York City,
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Our Curupay deck tiles are exclusive to our
production.  It is a an exotic and dense hardwood
with incredible bending strength and beautiful
color.   What we really like about it though is how
it ages.  Instead of fading to a light silver/tan like
ipe and teak and most other hardwoods.  
Curupay seems to darken with age to a nutty
burgundy brown.   When oiled,  this dark color
becomes more and more pronounced.  The deck
to the left has been exposed to weather for over
4 years without an oil application and still shows
a rich color and grain.
What do our curupay deck tiles look like after it has aged a few years,  take a look